We welcome you to your new Beneficiary Area with which we can respond as closely as possible to your expectations. This space is personal to you; it is totally secure.

Username : Old Booking.com email

Your username remains the old Booking.com email address for now (the one you had before the transfer). The change of usernames will be done soon. We will keep you updated.

Password (your employee ID for the first connection)

Visible either on the payslip or in Workday, (On Workday, click on your picture on the top on the right, then "view profile" Employee ID is under "Job Details"). After the first connection, you can change your password from the 'settings' section.

What can you find on the website?

Thanks to your access codes, you have online access to the consultation of your account, the documents relating to your Works Council, the benefits that are offered to you. You can talk to your elected representatives. Feel free to send us your suggestions.